Striking eye-catchers

Highlights from the Création Baumann Line 2013

Textiles can transform interiors. Whether they are opulent eye-catchers or quiet, understated backdrops, they bestow warmth to generate a welcoming ambiance or set new accents. This holds true for the highlights of the Création Baumann Line 2013. The Création Baumann design team captures the ‘Zeitgeist’ with paper like plisses, classic cushions and stylish plaids to present a high quality, innovative and varied collection that transmits subtle elegance and understated dynamics.

Alongside the overhauled colour palette reign textile accessories and artistic designs. The extravagant “Efalda” opens out like a fan; it mesmerizes the onlooker with ingenious fold technology by changing the curtain’s colouring with the viewing angle. “Elfalda” is stunningly beautiful, irrespective of whether it displays a fresh flower print, in muted shades of glass or white and grey stripes with a decorative seam in orange. It harmonises beautifully with new textile accessoires.

The high quality cushions and plaids in “Cavallo Piu”, a refined wool cloth and a successor to “Cavallo”, is now available in 36 colours and encompasses blended colour mixes with flecking. The facing side of the two hand finished cushions, “Ecco” and “Ellen”, is embellished with three dimensional quilt embroidery with graphic diamond or soft wave patterns. Both come with a zip and a reverse that is in a different colour. They are available in distinctive shade of glass, flecked yellow or warm grey and harmonise with identical colours from the trendy “Epiega” plaid, whose name derives from Italian for pleat. Using a decorative seam, individual stripes of the heavy wool cloth are sewn together in such a way that “Epiega” can be folded back tightly and fanned out expansively. The 220 x 145 cm large plaid is available in both a colourful and a neutral option. “Eluis”, which has already been elevated to a modern classic, is shown off in five new colour settings. The smoked diamond pattern is now also available in a trendy purple and a classic Bordeaux red.

Taking inspiration from high quality wool fabrics, the experts from Langenthal have succeeded in producing an innovative flame retardant cloth that consists 100 percent of Trevira CS and is easy care.  “Calvaro” is available in 22 colours and ideal for the contract sector. Moreover it has exceptional acoustic properties. The two decoration fabrics “Shell” and “Picco” are understated and unconventional. “Shell” features two elastic weaves which have been sheet lined together. It’s soft and hardwearing surface mirrors elements of high performance sport textiles, whilst “Picco” with its graphic perforation pattern generates delightful, ever changing interludes with colour and light and dark.

The evocative and varied highlights of the Création Baumann Line are real masters of transformation; it won’t be just weave enthusiasts whose pulse will quicken. The entire collection will be available from specialist outlets from January 2013.
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