From simple, yet sophisticated solution approaches to elaborately engineered models: choosing the winner of the second Think Forward awards was as demanding a task for the jury as was the contest itself: a product for interior shading, attached to the window frame or a window recess, covering or revealing the window as a textile blind or glare protection surface.

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1. Prize

1st Prize of 7,000 Euros went to the Eindhoven University of Technology. In “Shadowtricks”, Vinken Teun created an aesthetic object made of three textiles in moving circles, attached to the window by suction fittings. The circles were drawn across or fanned away from each other by small motors that reacted to the intensity of the light, depending upon how much shading was required against any level of glare. “Not only is “Shadowtricks” technically innovative and aesthetically appealing, it also incorporates a poetic element.

2. Prize

The “Attraction” project by Anne Scheler, a student at the University of Wismar, was awarded the 2nd Prize of 5,000 Euros. A curtain was suspended by magnetic attraction between two barely-visible metallic strips such that it could be opened from any direction; it could therefore be fitted to the window in a wide variety of ways.

3. Prize

Yvonne Fürst and Benedikt Steiner from the University of Lucerne won 3rd Prize (3,000 Euros) with “Punctum”. They attached a white tulle curtain to the window with green silicon stickers so that it could be draped extremely easily and flexibly.

Special prize

As well as the three winning projects, the jury also awarded a special prize of 1,000 Euros to the “Colourboom” project by Marian Müller from the University of Wismar. The textile object was thrown playfully over a glass plate and attached using suction fittings.