The House - Interiors on Stage

“Sinfonia” by Création Baumann lights up at IMM Cologne 2017

Since 2012, IMM Cologne has been presenting “The House” design event, a project giving young influential designers the opportunity to try out their visions for contemporary living in real life.

For IMM 2017, famous New York product designer Todd Bracher was nominated to show his interpretation, where he is breaking free from the traditional concept of individual rooms to focus on merging zones for provisions, relaxation, and hygiene.

Todd Bracher’s imaginative concept does away with most of the traditional exterior walls by cladding the majority of the house, i.e., the provisions area, with a semi-sheer skin made form textile fabric. The creative American chose Création Baumann as his competent partner and their “Sinfonia” fabric.

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Impressions from “The House”