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Timeless re-look

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The COTTON & STORIES home collection integrates pure naturalness with fresh designs, soft volumes with tactile textures and feminine embroidery. The textile designer Sibylle Aeberhard talks about her inspiration and the art of telling stories.

The casual playfulness of the COTTON & STORIES collection is created from striking shapes and complex, flowing designs. This gives a natural effect and leaves scope for individual stories.
The textile designer Sibylle Aeberhard has combined the textile clarity of the plain fabrics with sophisticated embroidery. She offers an insight into the development process in the Création Baumann studio in Langenthal.






All fabrics in the COTTON & STORIES collection are combined in a casual manner and together they tell their very own story.

Sibylle Aeberhard




What was the main priority during the development process, materiality or applications?

This is different from fabric to fabric. The base fabric was defined as the carrier from the outset in the case of CASTOR. We therefore initially looked for a suitable technique to do justice to the material. We then had to ensure that it could also be used to realise the design. The same applied to SERATA FIDELIA: the aim was to develop a design that gives the collection a formal framework but also combines well with the character of the base fabric.

How did your connection with the cotton base fabric change during the development process of this collection?

I have always had a good relationship with natural qualities and exciting material combinations. I simply love pleasant, soft textures. The intense personal approach naturally also has an impact. The longer I focus on something, the closer my positive relationship is to the subject matter.





To what extent do related disciplines also influence your collections?

I am fundamentally interested in formal approaches and realisations related to materials technology. I am continuously analysing things: what specifically fascinates me is how a certain aspect is resolved. A colour, a shape, a technology can be the inspiration for me that sets me on a specific track. I then go through life with a much more focused perception and stumble upon things that would otherwise never have occurred to me. Simply because I have an internal struggle with something. This is a very satisfying moment.

COTTON & STORIES provides plenty of scope for your own stories. What stories are hidden behind the playful drawings on which the SERATA fabrics are based?

SERATA FIOR was initially a pencil sketch. Our intention was to use embroidery to transfer the casual, flowing effects of the sketch onto the fabric. The partially coloured leaves were then realised with a thicker embroidery thread that enhanced their value in the statement. The casual, playful effect of a spontaneous felted pen drawing for the SERATA FIDELIA fabric as well corresponds with the naturalness and cheerfulness that are reflected in the collection. Motifs with a photo-realistic basis or strict graphic designs would be inappropriate at this point. And then there was always this interplay between abstract and recognisable elements, the blurred, not clearly defined aspects that then gain a clear presence with the printing as a formal element.


Sibylle Aeberhard

Sibylle Aeberhard has been creative for Création Baumann since 2004. The textile designer cut her cloth early: as a child, she already sewed clothes for her dolls and for herself. Since fashion is too short-lived in her opinion, she was thrilled more and more by the basic textile element. What Sibylle Aeberhard – who graduated from the Zurich textile specialist class and was influenced by her mentor, Bärbel Birkelbach – likes about her job is the mix of handicraft, creative design and technical know-how.

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