Vernissage and book launch of January 27, 2011

23 interesting stories on decorative fabrics, colors, and family history

At the vernissage and book launch that was one of the events commemorating the 125-year anniversary of Création Baumann, former company CEO, Jörg Baumann, presented the many significant or even dramatic moments of the company’s history in a humorous manner.

This task is not completely new to author Jörg Baumann who already published his work, “kurz und bündig“ quite a few years ago. He felt like going a step farther and sharing his experiences in the business and on colors - and the company anniversary proved to be a good opportunity to do so - so that, at 76, he wrote a book on the development of taste and colors – as well as on the history of the company. The short stories in his book “Alles Verwoben“ (“In the Weave”) provide interesting insight into the balancing act between short-lived trends and visionary experiments.
The result is a book with 23 interesting stories on decoration fabrics – Création Baumann’s current core business – as well as experiences in the business.

Available in bookstores or at the following publishing house:  

 “IN THE WEAVE. The World of Decorative Fabrics, Stories and Histories”
Published by Jörg Baumann, Creavis 2011;
ISBN 978-3-00-033494-8, 144 Pages, CHF68.-  EUR 49.-
Date of publication: 28th January 2011
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