Pleasant acoustics in the office

Pleasant acoustics in the office

Familiar materials were used for the extension of an office in Munich.


Zielpuls GmbH, Munich, Germany


Die Planstelle GmbH, Munich, Germany | Hauser Office Design GmbH, Munich, Germany

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Daniela Rohr, Zielpuls GmbH

Starting Point

As the company is continuing to grow, the office premises were extended last winter. The work lounge that combines the old and new office premises is considered to be the heart of the building. Materials were therefore sought that reflected the importance of the lounge and improved the atmosphere in the premises at the same time.


The work lounge was furnished with the transparent SHELTER curtain fabric. This multifunctional curtain fabric in a panama weave gives the heart of the office premises the desired importance - the transparent ALHPACOUSTIC curtain fabric was used in all other offices. The sound-absorbing ALPHACOUSTIC with an elegant architectural look bathes the rooms in wonderful light and improves the acoustics at the same time.