Fair-faced concrete, wood and ALU BASE

Fair-faced concrete, wood and ALU BASE

A contrasting interior with a wide variety of materials makes the office a real eye-catcher.


Architec co., ltd, Toyama, Japan


Takuya Nakasai, NAKASAI ARCHITECTS, Toyama, Japan I Structure Design: Ohno-JAPAN, Tokyo, Japan

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Ippei Shinzawa, Kawaguchi I Takuya Nakasai, Toyama

Starting Point

The architect, Takuya Nakasai, designed the office in an ultra-modern architectural style. The interior of the building boasts an interesting contrast of fair-faced concrete and wood. Floor-to-ceiling windows are placed on the east and west side of the office. Due to the large window areas, a curtain fabric with high glare and heat protection is wanted that lets the right amount of light into the room but does not interfere with the view to the outside world.


The black and white coloured, transparent ALU BASE curtain fabric is metallised on one side and is characterised by its high glare and heat protection ratings. The lines of the ALU BASE also create a soft look and give the cold layers of concrete and glass a certain warmness.