Quiet zones in the open-plan office

Quiet zones in the open-plan office

Create flexible quiet zones in the open-plan office with a textile room solution.


Goldbeck GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany


Goldbeck GmbH | Nattkemper+Brummel GmbH

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Goldbeck GmbH realizes trend-setting commercial properties from design to construction and services throughout Europe. At the Bielefeld branch, the task was to improve the acoustics in the open-plan office.

Despite a complex ceiling construction with acoustic panels, the acoustics in the open-plan office were still not optimal and speech intelligibility in the room was limited. The Acoustic Divider Vario with Lord provides improved room acoustics and creates the possibility to zone the room acoustically. Without great effort, flexible quiet zones can be created that provide more concentration and comfort at the workplace without depriving the room of its openness. In addition, the textile room solution is also convincing in its aesthetics and could be matched here to the corporate design of Goldbeck GmbH.