Echeloned Transparency

Echeloned Transparency

Specially designed curtains fit perfectly to the architecture and improve the room acoustic and visibility.


Campus Novartis, Basel, Switzerland


Zwimpfer Partner AG, Basel, Switzerland I Maki and Associates, Tokyo, Japan


Data sheet

Starting Point

In different phases, the St. Johann factory grounds in Basel are to be transformed into the Novartis Campus, a campus of knowledge and innovation and a lieu of encounter. This is where the new office building was constructed.


Two different special versions with three-phase transparency (increasingly transparent towards the top) were created for the meeting rooms and what are referred to as the private rooms. Fabric manufacturer and architects had to work closely together to ensure that the transparency gradient of the fabrics corresponded with the architectural dimensions. The fabrics were to be visually pleasing as well as functional, i.e. to ensure privacy and sound absorption.
The complex design is based on a special jacquard and weaving technique.