The Heart of Paediatric Medicine

The Heart of Paediatric Medicine

A reduced colour scheme in the sense of a "youthful lightness and freshness" is implemented throughout.


Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel UKBB, Basel, Switzerland


Stump & Schibli Architects BSA, Basel / Paravent, Charlotte Weiss, Basel

Used products

SINFONIA CS VI COL 1012/1013/1051


Data sheet


Roger Frei, Zürich

Starting point

Conception of a new paediatric clinic in close proximity to the existing hospital structures.
The façades are defined by circumferential strip windows that span the structure.


Inside, the challenge was to pair the child-friendly atmospheres with the functional efficiency of modern and advanced health care.
The choice of materials and colour scheme are consistent, minimalist, and convey the feeling of "youthful lightness and freshness".