Artistic textile facades

Artistic textile facades

The façade of the Collège et Centre Communal in Belmont is playfully orchestrating an everyday item—the curtain. It can change its shape so that one moment it is a veil and next a light screen, while always being in motion.


Collège et Centre Communal, Belmont, Switzerland


2b architectes, Lausanne | Acoustics engineer: Bernard Braune, Binz | Facade engineer: BCS, Neuchâtel


Data sheet


Roger Frei, Zürich

Starting point

The annex is more than just an addition to the existing school building. Instead, it reinforces the character and status of the existing complex as a public space, school, and community centre.
The large glass surfaces invite an abundance of light inside without compromising energy efficiency and visitor experience.


The façade, visually transparent and staging constant change, playfully orchestrates an everyday item, the curtain—alternately acting as a veil, a light screen, or an element set in motion.
Its sheer, aluminium-metallised fabric provides an optimum of UV and glare protection. The motorised curtains are set inside double-glazing.