Textiles support the design and spatial effect of the diverse multi-space landscape.




Data sheet

Starting Point

Unilever's DACH headquarters moved from Hafencity to the centre of Hamburg. In a co-creative process, the employees developed the design for the new building together with the planning office. 
The result is a diverse multi-space landscape with very different design impressions and a variety of activity-based working scenarios. The space is divided into different areas that offer the employees new working worlds.


Room dividers made of the acoustic textile Lord were placed on all floors with a custom-made wooden frame. The fabric was processed with a pleated band, which provides for a visually appealing drape of the material. The room dividers serve as a zoning element. The fabric can be pulled open if necessary, opening up the area even more.
Deltacoustic adorns the window surfaces in the communal areas and creates a special feel-good atmosphere with its lightness.
In the meeting rooms, Gammacoustic, which is also acoustically effective, provides semi-transparent privacy without unnecessarily shielding the room.