Promote the teamwork between your corporate and the textile culture: our office solutions foster well-being, reinforce corporate identity, and have a positive effect on soundproofing, light, security, and sustenance. For enterprises who want their textile interior design to express their excellence.


Leave a textile mark of hospitality. Our hospitality solutions create a unique atmosphere, promote well-being, and reflect a building's appearance. For hotels, restaurants, cafés, and all those places that revolve around the guests’ experience.


Give your rooms a soothing design: our healthcare solutions comply with the most stringent codes and are suitable for any rooms and applications. They are flame-retardant, hard-wearing, and can be washed in industry-grade machines. For hospitals and nursing homes that want to combine high-quality textiles and quality of life.


Please your visitors with a world-class textile culture: our solutions for museums, theatres, opera houses and other cultural spaces blend strong design with similarly strong functions such as UV protection, fidelity of sound, light control, fire safety, or corrosion protection.


Create a unique learning environment: our solutions for educational institutions interact with your architecture to maintain the art of interior design, at the same time creating an abundance of space for inspiration, concentration and communication—with a high level of textile functionality and durability.