You have a soft spot for all things exceptional? Your requests are anything but ordinary? Design textiles by Création Baumann just as you please—precisely tailored to your needs and made-to-measure. Our specialists will support you from the planning to the implementation stages of your ideal solution. From small, private rooms to large, public buildings. Whether it's a new or a renovated construction.

Digital Prints

Create your own customised fabrics - in lengths of 25 running metres or more.

You have the idea, we have the solution: With digitally printed fabrics from Création Baumann, you can create your own completely customised product.

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What is the textile stuff from which your identity is made? We combine textile demands and unique design for you into a striking entity. Material widths between 130 cm and 330 cm, in your desired quality, and in all of our colours. Please contact us to discuss available options and pricing.


Piece-dyed or yarn-dyed: add your own world of colours into our textiles, and realise your concepts with us. Please contact us to discuss available options and pricing.


For a plus in functional options: to enable you to embrace Création Baumann's textile skills for yet more applications, you can choose from a variety of additional finishes. Please contact us to discuss pricing.


You would like to replace some yarn by another quality? Or transform a natural fabric into a flame-retardant material? Création Baumann lets you choose: we produce the textiles you imagine—so they match all requests and requirements.

Laser Cutting

The unlimited art of design: we use highly precise laser technology to refine synthetic materials for you—creating a touch experience that goes beyond digital printing. You have three options to choose from: laser cut, laser engraving, and laser perforation.

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Refining using laser technology (PDF)


Laminating gives you the option to use the majority of our furnishing fabrics as wall hangings. The minimum order amount for our coating service is only 15 running metres. Please contact us to discuss available options and pricing.

Selected references

Impeccable acoustic quality for Renzo Piano

OBJECT: Auditorium of the Paul Klee Centre, Berne, Switzerland
CONCEPT: Renzo Piano, Italy
PRODUCT: Digital printing was used to print the fabric developed specifically for these roller blinds.
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OBJECT: Private Home, Zurich, Switzerland
CONCEPT: HLS Architects, Zurich / Trix Barmettler, Zurich
PRODUCT: Digital Universal in customized designs
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