In public buildings where compliance with stringent fire protection guidelines is a must, but also in your home, fabrics made of modified polyester fibre provide effective protection against fire hazards. In the event of a fire, the textile will melt and stop burning in the absence of an exterior source of ignition. But what counts far more is that there is considerably more time for people to escape due to the virtual absence of toxic gases.

Facts about flame-retardant properties

  • The majority of fabrics by Création Baumann are flame-retardant
  • The textiles are tested using edge flaming, assessed in line with the specified standard, and then approved
  • Test records compliant with DIN EN 13772/13773, SNV 198898, DIN 4102 B1 or compliant with country-specific standards

Selected references

multicoloured shading

OBJECT: Falken Building, Baden, Switzerland
CONCEPT: multicoloured shading
PRODUCT: Shadow, Sohak, Rollectro with Sonor
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OBJECT: Octapharma, Springe (near Hanover), Germany
CONCEPT: Architekturwerkstatt Andrea Susan Güthge, Schöneck, Germany
PRODUCT: Rolltric and Rollectro with Shade R, Shade Laser Stitch
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OBJECT: F-Secure Oyj, Helsinki, Finland
CONCEPT: Pöyry Architects, Helsinki, Finland
PRODUCT: Athos, Erato II, Pado II, Spectra III
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