Our work is never fully accomplished—creating textile inspirations means to continually evolve. At our design studio in Langenthal, Switzerland, we compose and develop products that impress our customers with their visual quality, functionality, and hence their added value. In doing so, we leverage many years of experience, recognise fashion trends right from the start, and, if possible, make your wishes come true.




Création Baumann's passion lies with developing new fabrics. This is why création is up to the boss—and ours is the fourth generation. Under the direction of Philippe Baumann, our product management and design team launches more than 50 creations per year. What guides them are imagination, stylistic confidence, expertise, and a keen sense for evolving processes.





It all starts with inspiration. We can find it in many different places—nature, fashion, architecture. The resources from where we draw our best ideas are never-ending. To ensure that they lead to a product—and hence success—we bundle them into a sound first draft for a development process meeting the demands of the individual segments.





Is it a viable idea? Using the detailed draft, Création Baumann produces initial samples of quality for the new fabrics and checks whether the results meet the targets defined in the draft. This check provides assurance: if the results are promising, we can put the idea into action.





The limitless world of colour is one of the core characteristics of our fabrics. Perfectly attuned to the application in question, we define a series of hues for the new products. This involves fresh colours and a host of subtle nuances. Just before going to market, création, production, and sales collaborate closely.